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"Everybody has a story..."

I used to teach this to the students in my public speaking classes because we each have a story to tell. Some are non-fiction and based on our experiences, others are forged from the farthest reaches of our imaginations. I am thankful that you are allowing me to share my stories with you.

The Beautiful People:

Chemical researcher Ben LeCosa is recruited by his best friend to help research a grisly murder.  Things begin to take a strange turn when both receive late night phone calls from a mysterious stranger looking for help on a similar case. 

Little does Ben know that a religious cult is watching him with the hope that he can recover an object that has been missing for nearly 20 years. An object they desperately need to execute their diabolical plan…

Just A Kiss: (Coming Late 2021)

It’s the summer before Jake’s senior year in high school and
he and his family are on their annual trip to Silver Lake Resort in New York’s
Hudson Valley. He and his cousins, Paul and Ron, have been counting down the
days for months – they can’t wait for the horseback riding, swimming, softball
and, of course, girls. Both Paul and Ron have experienced summer love at Silver
Lake, but romance seems to keep escaping Jake. Will this be the year that things
change for Jake?